Hygrothane Spray-Applied Waterproofing Coating

Two-component, polyurea-based waterproof coating. The versatile and rapid curing formula has excellent adhesion properties and creates a monolithic, durable barrier on concrete foundations and a wide variety of applications.

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Seamless, durable, waterproofing coating

Hygrothane is a spray applied, two-component polyurea waterproofing system designed to provide long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion. Applied by certified professionals using a high-pressure system, Hygrothane cures rapidly to form a seamless membrane that completely seals and adheres to a variety of substrates, including concrete, metals, wood and more.

Key Properties

Low Temp Flex-40°C, No Crack
Hydrostatic PressurePass - 92 m (301 ft)

Hygrothane in action


Contains no VOCs

Made with 100% solids

Rapid Curing

Save on time and labour with the fast-setting formula

Tough & Durable

Impact, chemical, puncture and abrasion resistant

Rapidly applied

Applies using high-pressure spray equipment

No Limits on Pass Thickness

Virtually unlimited application thickness in a single pass

Thermal Stability

Can apply in cold temperatures down to -5°C

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Technical Specifications

Tensile Strength392N (MD), 400N (XD)
Elongation324% (MD), 347% (XD)
Peel Strength1726 N/m
Water Absorption (% Mass)0.43%
Low Temp Flex-40°C, No Crack
Hydrostatic PressurePass - 92 m (301 ft)
Static PuncturePass, Rating 4
Dynamic PuncturePass, Rating 4
Water Vapour Transmission58 ng / (Pa·s·m2)
Crack BridgingPASS, No splitting or loss of adhesion

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