Polyurethane Castings

Custom moulding and casting for endless applications

Our team is equipped with extensive experience in the design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of polyurethane products and can help you meet your project requirements from our moulding, casting and coating processes. These moulded polyurethane components are available with fast prototyping, low tooling costs and can be customized according to each client’s specifications.

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Custom Capabilities


Wide range of part applications and industries

Common Products:



Rods & Tubes

Sheets, Blocks & Strips





Polyurethane Advantage

Cast Polyurethane Technology

Polyurethane component parts are used for their advantages over other common materials such as plastic, rubber and steel.

Advantages: ‒ High load and high compression abilities ‒ Available in various hardness, shapes, size and colours ‒ Durable and extremely resistant to heat, solvents, chemicals and abrasion

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