Wrapsulate® Foam Jacket ocSPF

1lb vapour-permeable exterior spray foam

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Control moisture, air, vapour and heat transfer

Wrapsulate® is a 1lb water-blown spray foam insulation that also functions as an air and water control layer. It's a unique vapour-permeable spray foam system that's designed to perform on exterior applications, acting as a thermally insulated sheathing membrane.

Key Properties

Density1.07 lb/ft³
Aged Thermal Resistance (25mm)R-4.3
Water Vapour Permeation (25mm)1175 ng/ (Pa·s·m²)
CCMC #14049-R
Colour Yellow

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Elastochem Image
Elastochem Image

Unique Vapour-Permeable Spray Foam Insulation


High Vapour Permeance

Vapour diffusion aids in the drying-out of the assembly

Ideal for Exterior Application

Forms a "foam jacket" around the building structure

100% Water-Blown

Eliminates high global warming agents

Water Control Layer

Water resistance creates continuous drainage plane

Air Control Layer

Creates a seamless air barrier

Thermal Control Layer

Creates a continuous insulating layer over building

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Technical Specifications

Density1.07 lb/ft³
Aged Thermal Resistance (25mm)R-4.3
Thermal Resistance After Ice Lens100% Retention
Water Vapour Permeation (25mm)1175 ng/ (Pa·s·m²)
Initial Tensile Strength13.6 psi, pass
Tensile Strength After Ice Lens103% Retention
Water Absorption (% by Volume)1.6%
UV and Heat Aged Water Absorption (% by Volume)2.3%
Flame SpreadFlame <500, Smoke <500
VOC EmissionsPassed
Dimensional Stability (Volume Change after 28 days)-20ºC = 0.008%, 80ºC = -9%, 70ºC @ 97% RH= -2.3%
Fungi ResistanceNo Growth
Open Cell Content99%
Compression Strength60 kPa
Flexural Strength16.07 kPa
Sorption Isotherm (4 day Immersion).02 Kg Kg-¹
Water Absorption Coefficient (% by Volume).00015 Kg m-²s-½
Full Scale Wall Test Temperature Limits5°C to 40°C
Adhesion to SubstratesVarious
Density Variation1%
All Tests Performed On Samples With and Without SkinPASS
CCMC #14049-R
Colour Yellow

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