Insulthane® 500 ocSPF

0.5lb spray foam insulation with superior air sealing properties

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Protect your home

Insulthane® 500 is a high performance spray foam insulation system that exceeds traditional insulation in versatility, longevity, and air sealing. It expands up to 120 times its initial volume, leaving no crack or crevice unfilled.

Key Properties

Density0.48 Lb/ft³ 7.69 kg/m³
Thermal Resistance (25mm)R 3.5, RSI 0.61


Moisture Protection

Prevents mold and mildew

Noise Reduction

Open cells of foam minimizes noise

Cost Savings

Reduces heating and cooling bills

Reduces Allergens

Less air getting in, fewer sneezes.

Long Lasting

Doesn't sag or break over time

Ultra-Low GWP

Reduces environmental impact with a Global Warming Potential of less than 1

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Technical Specifications

Density0.48 Lb/ft³ 7.69 kg/m³
Thermal Resistance (25mm)R 3.5, RSI 0.61
Water Vapour Transmission1580 ng/ (Pa·s·m²)
Corner Wall Test315
Flame SpreadFlame 210, Smoke 195
Dimensional Stability (Volume Change after 28 days)-29ºC -0.1%, 80ºC, 0.0%, 70ºC @ 95% RH, -0.1%
Tensile Strength3.3 psi
Water Absorption (% Volume)17.4%
VOC Emissions1 day, pass
Global Warming Potential (GWP)< 1

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