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We take pride in offering a complete line of polyurethane and epoxy-based products. However, we understand there will be instances when a custom product must be developed to cater to a unique application, and that’s where our experienced product development team truly shines!

Whether it be a corrosion or abrasion, heat or cold resistant coating, a foam insulation, or adhesive, our chemists are ready to work with you to formulate a custom product.

Elastochem is also experienced in resin design and pre-polymer systems.

Cast Polyurethane

Elastochem carries a tremendous capacity of producing custom mold cast polyurethane parts from small seals to large rollers. Our Castings portfolio includes parts ranging from 20 Shore A, which is softer than rubber, to 85 Shore D which is harder than a bowling ball. Decades of experience combined with advanced technology and equipment allows us to manufacture industrial castings to meet the highest end product quality.

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