Insulthane® 200 Evolution ccSPF

2lb closed-cell spray foam insulation (No longer available in Canada)

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High-density insulation to lower your cooling and heating costs

Insulthane 200 Evolution is a long-lasting spray foam insulation system that delivers industry leading thermal performance. (Not available in Canada as of January 1, 2021)

Key Properties

Long Term Thermal ResistanceR-5.7 per inch
Density2.1 lb/ft³
CCMC# 14079-L
Colour Latte

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Heating & Cooling Savings

Reduce energy expenses by 30-50%

Air-tight Seal

Prevents air leaks to prevent energy loss

Moisture Barrier

Protects buildings from moisture and leaks

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Reduces infiltration of air pollutants and soil gases

Long Lifespan

Resists deterioration to maximize investment

Highly Versatile

Can apply to any shape or size cavity

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Technical Specifications

Long Term Thermal ResistanceR-5.7 per inch
Density2.1 lb/ft³
Water Vapour Transmission55 ng/ (Pa·s·m²)
Corner Wall Test245
Flame SpreadFlame 30, Smoke 248
Dimensional Stability (Volume Change after 28 days)-20ºC = +0.1%, 80ºC = +1.5%, 70ºC @ 97% RH = +5.7%
Tensile Strength40 psi, pass
Air Permeance @ 75 PA0.0013 L/S·m²
Water Absorption (% Volume)0.76%
Compressive Strength33 Psi
Open Cell Content4.35%
Fungal ResistanceNo Growth
VOC Emissions1 day, pass
CCMC# 14079-L
Colour Latte

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